Since 2003, our company has been successfully working in the direction of decorative glass and the manufacture of stained-glass windows.During this time, our products have gained popularity, both in the market of Kharkov and other cities of Ukraine, thanks to the constant expansion of the model range of products, an active search for new creative solutions in the field design (taking into account the latest world novelties), as well as improving the technological base. One of the popular options for stained glass is the so-called overhead stained glass (English Decra Led technology). It is the application of stained-glass films of various colors and structures to solid glass with a lead vein delimiting them, which has a special colored coating or spraying, it is also possible here to use beveled or fusin elements. In addition to the low price, the clear advantages of the technology include the wide range of colors, the absence of restrictions in patterns and sizes, as well as the durability of products. In addition to pseudo-stained-glass windows, we actively use the technology of mechanical processing of the glass surface and painting.

For stained-glass window manufacturers we offer bevelled glass elements (Bevels), which can be either standard or made according to your sketches, from any required material (bronze glass, graphite, “frost”, two-layer colored glass, etc.). Our facets can be of different radii (250,300,286, etc.).


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